Private detective agency services in Kolomak city and Kolomak District.

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Private detective agency Kolomak

Services of Private detective in Kolomak and Kolomak district

Private detective agency in Kolomak "Kharkov-Detective" offers full range of services of private detectives on the territory Kolomak district Kharkov region. If you wish to contact with a private detective serving Kolomak and Kolomak district of Kharkov region, use the contact information listed below

Contact information of Private detective agency

Information about Kolomak

Kolomak is the regional center of Kolomak district in Kharkov region, was founded in 1668 and in 1959 received the status of town (urban-type settlement). The yardage of Kolomak is 10,27 sq km. The climate in the Zolocev moderately continental, because of its location almost on the border of the Russian Federation. Official languages - is Ukrainian and Russian. The population is about 3844 people (as on 2001), population density - 374,290 pers. / Sq km.

Time zone: GMT +2
Phone codes: +380 (5766) X-XX-XX
Zip codes: 63100-63108
Car plate: AX / 21

Kolomak District Court
Address: 63110, Kolomak district, Rezunenkovo, Tsentralnaya street 56
Telephone: +38(05766)5-72-04
Monday - Thursday: c 09:00 to 18:00
Friday: c 09:00 to 16:45
Lunch break: c 13:00 to 14:00

Kolomak District Department of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in Kharkiv region
( Kolomak District Police Department )

Address: 64200, Kharkov region, Kolomak. Lenina street 6
Telephone: +38(05766)5-61-97, 5-66-50, 5-62-97
Monday - Sunday: Day and Night

Settlements of Kolomak District

Andrusovka, Annovka, Belousovo, Bondarevka, Brovkovoye, Vdovichino, Gladkovka, Grigorovka, Grishkovo, Gurtovovka, Dmitrovka, Zhovtnevoye, Kalenikovo, Kisovka, Kolomak, Kramarovka, Latyshovka, Logvinovka, Miroshnikovka, Nagal'no, Nikolayevka, Panasovka, Pashchenovka, Petropavlovka, Podlesnoye, Pokrovka, Pryadkovka, Rezunenkovo, Surgayevka, Trudolyubovka, Tsepochkino, Shelestovo, Shlyakhovoye, Yavtukhovka.

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